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An explanation of the adjustment of status process

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Immigration Law

The immigration process is complex, and immigrants can face various challenges as they seek the appropriate permissions to enter the country or pursue the path to citizenship. If you are already in the United States, you can seek an adjustment of status, which is pursuing a green card. The AOS will give you the opportunity to stay in the U.S. during the processing of your green card application, even if your current visa expires while you are waiting.

Your path to obtaining a green card starts by understanding what to expect from this process. As you seek an adjustment of status, knowing how to protect your interests while fighting for your desired outcome may be beneficial and help you prevent setbacks along the way. With preparation and guidance, your path to becoming a lawful permanent resident who can work may be simpler.

Are you eligible for an adjustment of status?

Before you move forward, you will benefit from learning about whether you are eligible for an adjustment of status. Permanent residency has various advantages, and you will enjoy certain benefits as an individual with a green card. The factors that determine whether this is the right path for you include the following:

  • Your current status and whether you have an immigrant visa
  • How you entered the United States
  • How long you have been in the United States

You may be able to file your own green card petition, or someone may be able to file it for you, such as a relative or employer. The petition type will determine the specific forms you need to complete and when you should file them. After this, you will have to attend an appointment at an Application Support Center. At this appointment, you will provide your fingerprints, submit a signature and have your photograph taken. In some cases, applicants will have to attend an interview or have to submit additional evidence.

Help at every step of the immigration process

If you are seeking an adjustment of status, you do not have to walk through this process alone. With support, you can navigate the steps of completing your petition and meeting the requirements without additional complications. As you consider your path to permanent residence status, you may benefit from first seeking professional insight regarding eligibility requirements and other factors that could impact your immigration goals.