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Becoming a United States citizen opens many doors and allows you to take full advantage of the many benefits of citizenship. However, the process is complicated, frequently changing and often confusing. There are multiple ways to obtain U.S. citizenship, namely, by:

  • Birth in the U.S.
  • Acquisition (such as derivative citizenship through parents)
  • Naturalization

In the United States, citizenship through the naturalization process is a common pathway for most immigrants.

Guiding Clients on The Path To U.S. Citizenship

Attorneys at the Rios Immigration Law Firm have guided clients down the path to becoming U.S. citizens since 1978. Our Nationally renowned citizenship and naturalization lawyers have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to help you achieve your goal of becoming a citizen of the United States.

Becoming A U.S. Citizen

There are three ways to become a citizen of the United States. If you were born in this country or a U.S. territory or you were born in another country to U.S. citizen parents, you automatically have citizenship. A person born in a foreign country with no other claim to citizenship may become a citizen through the naturalization process. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 outlines the rules for naturalization.

The requirements for the naturalization process include:

  • Being 18 years or older
  • Having lawful permanent residency status
  • Living in the United States for at least five straight years
  • Demonstrating good moral character

Citizenship allows you to enjoy many rights and benefits. As a citizen, you will have the right to vote, the ability to travel with a U.S. passport outside the country without losing immigration status, security from threats of deportation, and access to federal grants, scholarships and employment opportunities.

The Naturalization Process

Becoming a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process is not easy, and you will need to successfully complete many different steps. The national average processing time for the naturalization application can take up to eight months, it would take additional time to go through the rest of the process – from taking tests to providing biometric data. A single mistake on certain forms can lead to a long delay or even a denial, so many people choose to have an attorney help them navigate the process. Our St. Petersburg citizenship and naturalization attorneys have a phenomenal track record of delivering positive results for our clients.

The steps in the naturalization process include:

  • Completing the necessary forms
  • Attending an interview
  • Providing biometric data
  • Passing an English test
  • Passing a civics test

After you have successfully completed the steps, you will swear an oath of loyalty and become a citizen. Although the steps in the naturalization process seem straightforward, the path to citizenship is complex, and the rules frequently change. For this reason, it is crucial to have experienced legal representation from an immigration lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience.

Helping You Navigate The Steps

Are you worried about a minor criminal matter that could complicate your path to citizenship? Let us evaluate the facts and help you find your way forward. For example, your criminal conviction may be eligible for appeal or expungement.

After helping you determine that you meet the requirements for naturalization, we can assist you with the required forms to ensure that everything is filled out correctly and that the process goes smoothly. Additionally, we can help you prepare for your naturalization interview and attend with you. Throughout the entire process, we offer advice and guidance to help you avoid delays or denials.

At the Rios Immigration Law Firm, we proudly represent people from all over the world and work to help them achieve their citizenship goals. To effectively communicate with our clients, we offer services in English and Spanish. If you have questions about citizenship, call 727-416-7943 or send a message to request a consultation.