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Get Deportation Defense When You Need It Most

Individuals at risk of deportation need an experienced immigration attorney to build a vigorous defense. This area of law is extremely complex and highly unpredictable, but our deportation defense attorneys have the experience needed to successfully represent you in court and administrative hearings. Our team has been helping families with their immigration needs since 1978.

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Grounds For Deportation Or Removal

Removal and deportation hearings are extremely difficult to handle on your own. Due to the complexities of the system and the ramifications of deportation, it is important to hire an experienced deportation defense team to help you navigate the system and build a strong defense.

The best defense strategy depends on the reason for the deportation. Some of the common grounds for deportation include:

  • A criminal conviction
  • Unlawful entry or presence
  • Prohibited employment activity
  • Status violations

In many situations, deportation for a minor offense feels like an extreme punishment. While a removal proceeding may seem insurmountable, there is hope. Our St. Petersburg deportation defense attorneys can work tirelessly to help you remain in the country.

Examples Of Defenses Against Removal

At the Rios Immigration Law Firm, we understand that the prospect of you or a family member being deported is terrifying for the entire family. We have more than 40 years of experience securing favorable results for clients in even the most complex deportation cases. We employ a variety of defense strategies, depending on the situation and reason for deportation.

Possible deportation defense strategies include:

If you or a family member has received a Notice to Appear from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security, you will need to appear in front of a judge. It is in your best interests to seek counsel as soon as possible after receiving the notice. The more time we have to build your defense, the higher your likelihood of success.

Discuss Your Options With An Attorney

The right deportation defense strategy depends on the circumstances of the case, reasons for deportation, how long you have been in the country, and other factors. Our deportation defense lawyers will start by evaluating your case and listening to your side of the story. Based on this information, we will recommend the most effective defense strategy for your situation.

Our firm is solely focused on immigration law, and our attorneys have extensive court and litigation experience. Over the last four decades, we have delivered positive results for many clients facing extremely challenging and complex cases.

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