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At Rios Immigration Law Firm, our team of lawyers has devoted the last four decades to cultivating the skills and resources needed to serve clients from all around the world. As a solution-oriented firm, we value creative problem-solving and airtight strategies developed from scratch. Furthermore, we have focused exclusively on immigration law since 1978, building a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to assist individuals and families at any stage of their journey.

Come to Rios Immigration Law Firm if you need assistance with any of the following:

  • Immigration litigation. We handle all types of immigration court cases, representing employees, employers, and families in both affirmative and defensive cases before the federal district courts. Litigation may cover a broad range of matters, including admission, visa, asylum, and naturalization issues.
  • Deportation defense. Deportation, referred to as "removal" in legal terms, occurs when the federal government orders an agency to remove a non-citizen from the United States. This can happen for several reasons, but it typically occurs after the immigrant allegedly violates immigration laws or commits a crime.
  • Appeals & waivers. The denial of an immigration benefit request can be reviewed on appeal.
    Additionally, several waivers to certain grounds of inadmissibility are available for specific conditions and situations.
  • Post-conviction relief. A criminal conviction can cause numerous immigration problems, but obtaining relief before the conviction triggers a removal proceeding is possible with qualified legal support and representation.
  • Asylum. If someone from another country proves they are facing or will face persecution based on a protected class (e.g. race or religion), they may be entitled to asylum in the U.S. This status can protect them from deportation, even if they entered the U.S. illegally.
  • Visas & adjustment. A citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter the United States generally must obtain an immigrant or non-immigrant U.S. visa. Adjustment of status is the process by which an eligible individual already in the United States can get permanent resident status (a green card) without having to return to their home country to complete visa processing.
  • Family-based visas. A U.S. citizen or permanent resident can bring relatives into the country through various types of family-based visas. Depending on the specific visa, they will likely need to demonstrate the ability to support their foreign family member.
  • Employment-based visas‚Äč. A person who comes to the United States to work on a permanent or temporary basis will need to choose from a wide variety of employment-based visas. Their employers will apply for these visas on their behalf.
  • Labor certifications. To obtain an employment-based visa or green card, an applicant must possess labor certifications authorizing them to work in the United States. Labor certifications are issued by the Secretary of Labor.
  • Citizenship & naturalization. While some have an automatic claim to citizenship because they were born in the United States or their parents are U.S. citizens, others must apply for citizenship through naturalization. The major prerequisite for naturalization is permanent residency (i.e. a green card).

Government agencies and law firms alike tend to expect perfection from applicants and clients. Rios Immigration Law Firm, however, does not hesitate to handle even the most complex cases and high-stakes issues. Whether you were convicted of a crime, accused of unlawful entry or presence, or have a flawless record and upstanding moral character, our team is on your side and ready to help you build a better future.

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