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Investment-Based Visas: Helping To Build Up America And Your Future At The Same Time

The U.S. welcomes many immigrant investors each year through special immigrant visa categories. These citizens of other countries sometimes start new businesses and sometimes invest substantially in existing ones. As a reward for their contributions, some investors are eligible for temporary work visas. Others can become permanent residents if they meet the criteria. Immigrant visa and green card holders may also obtain visas or green cards for their spouses and/or unmarried children under age 21.

The rewards for immigrant visa and green card holders can be great – and complications can also arise in the process of obtaining and presenting the right documentation. At the Rios Immigration Law Firm, we do not recommend that entrepreneurs and investors from abroad attempt to complete the paperwork independently. Our attorneys can help ensure the success of immigrant investors through on-target advice and step-by-step assistance.

Types Of Investment Visas And Their Requirements

Ask an attorney at our St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Florida, law firm for insights and instructions for the following legal paths to immigration through investing:

  • E-2: A temporary work visa available for noncitizens bringing substantial investments. The definition of “substantial” may vary for E-2 treaty investors. It may be $100,000 or more, but smaller amounts may also qualify. The treaty investor must be coming to the U.S. for business development purposes related to the investment.
  • EB-5: A permanent resident (green card) status for investors who meet certain criteria. Recipients of EB-5 visas and green cards may be owners, employee-investors or other investors in new businesses that create at least 10 new jobs. They normally must invest at least $1.05 million (or $800,000 in a targeted area or project).

These brief descriptions should not be taken as legal advice. The details involved in meeting the requirements for an E-2 investor visa or EB-5 investor green card status require in-depth interpretation. An experienced immigration law attorney is a valuable ally for investors who hope to take advantage of these opportunities.

Pursue Your Career And Investment Goals In The U.S.

Our clients understand the benefits and challenges of immigrating with employment and/or investment as their tickets. Our attorneys and other team members work hard to help our clients seize their business and immigration opportunities without delay. Our St. Petersburg investment-based immigration law firm can be your partner along the road to success.

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