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  • Gracias!
    Gracias Dr. Arturo Rios M, mi familia y yo obtuvimos la Visa de Inmigrante en los Estados Unidos, gracias a su impecable trabajo.

    - Adolfo Salazar & Flia

  • Never Gave Up
    We had a tricky immigration case from the get-go, which only got trickier as time went on. Art was with us every step of the way and stayed positive, yet realistic when we began to lose hope. During our almost 9-year immigration journey, we dealt with criminal charges (old and new), an awful first attorney, a deportation letter, and an unfortunate civil case. Art came in during the thick of it and walked us through it every step of the way. When my husband was wrongly arrested for insurance fraud, immigration put a hold on him and Art was the first person I called. He was immediately on the phone working to get the hold dropped and did so within hours. He was dedicated, trustworthy, and easily one of the most brilliant law-minds I know. At every hearing, he was both respectful and respected by everyone we crossed paths with. We recently went before the immigration judge in our final deportation trial and Art was masterful in the courtroom. The judge ruled in our favor, granting residency to my husband, something we'd almost given up on. Art was genuinely thrilled for us because he sincerely cared about our family. I can't recommend Art enough. He worked hard and gave us everything he had.

    - Christi

  • Miracle Worker!
    Mr. Rios is the best immigration lawyer I have ever met, and I met with a few. I had a very hard case and met with a lot of lawyers before seeing Mr. Rios. A lot of the lawyers either did not know how to handle my case, because they said there was nothing to do, or were trying to take money from me right away without telling me what they were even going to do. From the moment I met Mr. Rios, I knew I was at the right place. When you walk into his office, you know that it is a place were they care about their clients, not fancy office in expensive buildings, but a very warm and caring simple office where you feel at home as soon as you walk in. I met with Mr. Rios for almost two hours, just for my initial consultation. He told me he needed to think about my case, and about a week later called me back with a full strategy. I will say this, Mr. Rios is not cheap, but boy do you get your money's worth. The first thing he told me was that I needed to be patient. I will say that Mr. Rios takes his time, but that is because he is the one that works the case, not a secretary or paralegal, and he has a strategy. Long story short, I now have my Green Card, I was not deported, my husband is now a citizen, and I will be able to become one soon also. We owe EVERYTHING to Mr. Rios. Don't waste your time going anyplace else. Mr. Rios is the master and the expert, that is why he is a law school professor! Thank you for everything Mr. Rios, you are our blessing and our angel. We will never forget you.

    - Client

  • Very Knowledgeable
    One of my friends recommended him to me. Mr. Rio has been handling my case of a U visa. I did not have any prior knowledge of how it works, that being a victim of a crime can actually help me get the immigration status but after I consulted him on this he explained to me what is the process and also showed me how helping law enforcement on the case will benefit me.
    I must say from filing the application to the approval of the case, he has been very supportive. Even when I had an RFE (Request for evidence) in my case which is common in U visa, he handled it very carefully and replied right back to USCIS with the required documents in two days. He is very fast and accurate on his judgment of the case.
    At first, I was very worried and impatient when an RFE came in my case but I would recommend to the folks who are reading this that leave your worries to him when you leave his office. It will also be sometimes hard to get hold of him but don't be impatient, he knows what is going on in your case and what is the best thing to do at that particular time. I would say Emailing him would be the best way to stay in touch with him.
    My brother in law gave a similar type of case to Mr. Rio and he also was able to successfully get his approval on the case.

    - Client

  • Honorable Lawyer
    I was in Mr. Rios office yesterday because we received the approval notice for my wife's case, a very hard case that other lawyers told me had no chance, and Mr. Rios won the case for us. I have known Mr. Rios for several years because he has done a lot of work for my family, and he has always been very honest and has always told us the truth. I recommend Mr. Rios to all my friends. Mr. Rios is the most honorable man I know, and he is the best and most professional lawyer I have ever met. He is famous for always telling people the truth, and I recommend him as the best lawyer around anywhere.

    - Nick P.

  • Highly Recommended

    Mr. Rios was recommended by a fellow attorney, and he truly is the best immigration lawyer I've ever worked with. I was in a hopeless situation when my wife and I hired him, and he really began to shed light on my case, even during the first phone call.

    Unlike other attorneys that I have worked with in the past, Mr. Rios really cares about his client's well-being. He was always quick to respond to emails and phone calls when we had important questions. He is very knowledgeable about immigration law and in the end, provided an outcome better than expected.

    We were out-of-state clients, which worried me about hiring him for such an important case, but he kept my wife and I informed every step of the way, and his office staff was polite and efficient.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Rios is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, an immigration attorney in the country.

    - Ben

  • The Best Immigration Lawyer Ever
    When you want a reliable, confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy person who believes in doing his very best to help you Mr. Arturo Rios is the perfect man for the job. When Mr. Rios tells you something don't think about doubting he knows what he is doing. He gives you peace of mind that he will. Believe me people he is the very best. I will forever be in debt, forever remember Mr. Rioss who help to a promising future, Mr. Rios god bless you, sir. When all my hope, my faith, confidence was gone. I have given up Mr. Rios gave me all that back. Today I can say thank you theeeeee best immigration lawyer ever

    - Colleen

  • BEST of the Best

    Mr. Rios is in a class by himself. He was VERY highly recommended to me by people of influence and high status that I had come to know...when my citizenship application incurred a problem and was suddenly halted. I still interviewed 3 attorneys, and when I spoke with Mr. Rios, I instantly realized why he is so highly rated. Not only in the Tampa Bay Area, but in the entire country. Questions that no attorney could answer me, even when consulting their books... Mr. Rios answered without hesitation.

    Although not necessary at the end for my defense, Mr. Rios found and old and obscure law that when he presented it to the Judge as one of the possible defenses we were contemplating, even the Judge reacted with a surprised look, almost in disbelief, for apparently... not many attorneys know of this law.

    Mr. Rios is not only highly accredited but respected and admired by his peers. His courtroom manners are impeccable and that has led to his success and respect he rightly has won. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable, Mr. Rios is amicable and empathetic. Qualities that make working with him a pleasant experience.

    In conclusion, while all other attorneys expressed dimmed hopes and/or undesirable outcomes for me, Mr. Rios was able to have my removal/deportation not only canceled but with a return to the citizenship process that I had started years ago.

    Do not hesitate to retain Mr. Rios. If you don't retain him, you most likely will regret it later!

  • Look No Further
    This is the best law office in the Tampa Bay and St. Pete's area for Immigration. We went to see other lawyers and they were not able to help us. These two lawyers (father and son) are extremely knowledgeable, respectful and diligent. They have helped my family so much! I will be forever thankful that we found these lawyers and I will never forget how hard they worked for us.

    - Nicole

  • Peace of Mind
    Mr. Rios gave me confidence that my case would have a favorable outcome. I had to promise him not to worry, just leave everything to him. He did everything that he said he would do. This helped me with my very stressful situation. I cannot thank him enough for the peace of mind I enjoy now that the outcome of my case was successful. Mr. Rios is the very best!

    - Toulsa

  • The Best!

    I saw two other lawyers before coming to see Mr. Rios, and they said I was going to get deported. Mr. Rios studied my case very carefully, and then took my case. He is amazing, I did not even have to have a trial. The judge closed my case, and I was able to stay in this Country. Mr. Rios is the best, he has class, and everyone at the court respects him very much. Thank you, Mr. Rios.